KHJ Thirty - May 1, 1973

Issue #409 - Mrs. Ira Holroyd receives her $5000.00 “don’t say hello” call pay-off from KHJ’s Robert W. Morgan!

KHJ Thirty No. 409 - Robert W. Morgan   KHJ Thirty No. 409 - May 1, 1973


Anonymous said...

Jud Strunk (who did "Daisy a Day") was a regular on "Laugh-in," which was then finishing its final season.

70's Soul Retro Countdown said...

Never remember hearing "Funky Worm" except on ATF. The Ohio Players would go on to have a nice string of funk hits.

KG Dave said...

I detested the "Don't Say Hello" contest, especially in comparison with the great creative contests KHJ had in the late 1960s (the Batphone secret number, Mr. Whisper, Location X, Quicksilver Jackpot, and others). I wonder if any potential job offers or romantic opportunities were lost because someone answered the phone with "KHJ plays all the hits."