KHJ Thirty - May 29, 1973

Issue #413 - Barry Kaye makes his first appearance on the cover of the survey. He initially replaced Cat Simon in the 9PM - Midnight shift then moved to the 3PM - 6PM slot after The Real Don Steele’s departure.

KHJ Thirty No. 413 - Barry Kaye   KHJ Thirty No. 413 - May 29, 1973


Anonymous said...

One of THE great "heavy" songs of the day, "Smoke on the Water," debuts. It was more than a year old at this time. One of the most recognizable riffs in rock.

Ray Randolph said...

Deep Purple is one of the groups I regret that I didn't see in concert. Their "Made in Japan" LP is a classic. A few years ago I found an import CD that contains all three shows from that Japan tour. Great stuff.