KHJ Thirty - June 6, 1972

Issue #362 - “Song Sung Blue” by Neil Diamond is his eighteenth title to make the KHJ survey and the first to hit No. 1.

KHJ Thirty No. 362 - Bill Wade   KHJ Thirty No. 362 - June 6, 1972


Anonymous said...

The Vigrass & Osborne record that's a hitbound won't make the Thirty, and once again, I have no memory of it. I see it reached No. 65 nationally.

"Saved," on the other hand, did NOT chart nationally.

The Eagles and Jim Croce make their debuts here.

"Long Cool Woman" is really a solo record by Allan Clarke, but the label put it out under the Hollies name anyway. Some people think it's the best CCR record John Forgerty never made.

And "Layla" debuts, two years after it was first released. And my memory is that KHJ played the full single, even the long instrumental portion.