KHJ Thirty - April 25, 1972

Issue #356 - Walt “Baby” Love makes his final appearance on the cover of the survey.

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s final KHJ chart entry, “Someday Never Comes,” debuts at No. 28. CCR charted twelve records on the survey and all made the Top Ten.

KHJ Thirty No. 356 - Walt Love   KHJ Thirty No. 356 - April 25, 1972


Anonymous said...

"Someday Never Comes" is seldom remembered, since it was the last CCR single. But it's one of their best, and that's saying something. It's one of John Fogerty's bleakest lyrics, too.

When I was 14, I also didn't appreciate just how sad "Doctor My Eyes" is. Jackson Browne masks it with a fairly upbeat tune.