Johnny Williams - 1972 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Johnny Williams from a 1972 KHJ Sales Folder. The text reads:

Johnny Williams ... Understanding ... Warm ... Timely ... Honest

It takes a special kind of guy to do the all-night show. He can’t fool his audience of night people, he’s got to be real and warm. Johnny Williams has all that and more, he’s the only all-night personality KHJ has ever had!

A quiet wit and a sharp sense of balance have made Johnny’s show the success it is; you’ve got to be careful when you do all-night shows, you have to keep the flow but not overpower your listeners. And Johnny has been doing this since the midnight hour first struck in Los Angeles in 1965 ... what more do you have to say?
Johnny Williams 1972 KHJ Sales Sheet