Chuck Martin

Issue #692 - November 7, 1978

Chuck Martin’s first appearance on the survey was in November 1977. He became KHJ’s Program Director in early 1979 and successfully returned the station to Top 40 prominence after KHJ had veered a little off course.

This is Martin’s final appearance on the survey as a jock. He appeared on the survey as PD with Bobby Ocean in June 1979.

KHJ Thirty No. 692 - Chuck Martin KHJ Thirty No. 692 - November 7, 1978


Michael Hagerty said...

The first time I met Bobby Ocean was February, 1979, just after Chuck Martin had replaced John Sebastian as PD at KHJ.

Chuck put jingles back on the air, cobbling together a combination of the old "Motown" package from 1971 and some cuts from "The Winning Score", which Michael Spears had commissioned in 1977, but which either never aired or aired only briefly before Sebastian's arrival. That held them until "The Rhythm Of The Southland" was ready to go.

Osh told me that when Chuck got the job, there were 90 songs being played on KHJ. Thirty currents, and sixty oldies and recurrents.

In those days, oldies libraries for top 40 stations were about 300 tracks.

Maryann Mariconde said...

Met Chuck Martin back in the mid 70s where i filled in for a secretary at WAVZ New Havem, Ct. Chuck was the most energized person i ever met. What a great dj and personality. Wish i could communicate with him, hope lifes been good for sure it has.