Banana Joe

Issue #709 - March 27, 1979

“Banana Joe” Montione makes his first appearance on the survey. Initially in the 6PM - 10PM slot, he moved to 10PM - 2AM around August 1979 and to afternoon drive two months later. His final appearance on the survey came in March 1980.

Joe later worked in the Los Angeles area at KIIS and KRTH and also had a talk show on KLSX.

KHJ Thirty No. 709 - Banana Joe KHJ Thirty No. 709 - March 27, 1979


Michael Hagerty said...

Dear God! The design of the Thirty's cover gets worse!

KG Dave said...

I agree that this new design was a change for the worse. Now we don't even get the information about last week's ranking or how long the song has been on the charts.

Anonymous said...

re: July 15, 2016 at 7:31 PM

John J. Rieger

I will say one thing. I always enjoyed the LAST WEEK position and WEEKS ON shown on charts. That way one could tell if the song was moving up, down or stagnant. Weeks on at times in the '74, '75 frame for me would show songs on "forever!" Philadelphia Freedom, Magic, Pilot and Kung Fu Fighting, Carl Douglas stand out as long on the chart and to me, overplayed as charts too, tightened up. My local WOKY Milwaukee would go from 30 to 22-23-21 songs and that chart was tight, as FM was coming in, I guess, though I stand to be corrected.

Love the site. I appreciate the effort!