KHJ Thirty - November 28, 1972

Issue #387 - Sonny Fox makes his first appearance on the cover of the survey while Johnny Nash holds down the top spot for the fourth consecutive week with “I Can See Clearly Now.”

KHJ Thirty No. 387 - Sonny Fox   KHJ Thirty No. 387 - November 28, 1972


Michael Hagerty said...

Not having the weeks leading up to this list leaves open the question: Was Sonny's hire a result of Charlie Van Dyke's departure to WLS, Chicago? Sonny's taking Mark Elliott's timeslot here...what's happening 9-Noon?

Anonymous said...

Some fine singles here: "Summer Breeze," "Operator," "Dialogue" (not one of the Chicago songs that gets played anymore, but I liked the topicality of it and the fact that it really WAS a conversation).

Ray Randolph said...

Re-creating from the surveys, it looks something like this:

Bill Wade moved from Sundays back to the 9AM - Noon slot when Van Dyke left.

Sonny Fox came along roughly four months later, with Mark Elliott moving to Sundays.

When Fox left after a few months, Elliott briefly returned to Noon - 3PM before he was gone as well.

Danny Martinez would be the next person in the Noon - 3PM slot.

Ray Randolph said...

"Dialogue" was one of my favorites on this chart. I also liked "Rock 'N Roll Soul" by Grand Funk. At this time I was starting to drift toward the heavier side.

Michael Hagerty said...

Like Ray, I was leaning toward heavier stuff fact, by this point, I think I was listening to KHJ in particular and Top 40 in general for purely professional polish my approach as a DJ and program director.

My leisure listening really was KLOS and KMET by this point.

Mike McCann said...

Would that be the same Sonny Fox who later did mornings at WYSP Philadelphia, and briefly WKTU New York (in the last try at its soft-AOR format, pre-disco)... and later, several Miami stations?