KHJ Thirty - October 27, 1971

Issue #330 - Long before meltdowns and bailouts, Johnny Williams provided the musical capital all night long on 93/KHJ.

KHJ Thirty No. 330 - Johnny Williams   KHJ Thirty No. 330 - October 27, 1971


Anonymous said...

Two "Superstars" on the chart, but different songs. And both are different from the "Superstar" that charted earlier in the year.

"The Girl Who Loved Me When" is Glass Bottle's second Hitbound in just a few weeks, and it won't make the Thirty, either. I'm realizing that 1971 had more non-charting Hitbounds than did 1970 or 1969.

Ray Randolph said...

I suspect that lower song turnover had at least something to do with some of the Hitbounds not charting. By this time I'd guess there was one less new song per survey (on average) than in the 1968 heyday.