KHJ Thirty - June 30, 1971

Issue #313 - “Indian Reservation” by the Raiders gives a tomahawk chop to Carole King’s six-week run atop the KHJ totem pole.

KHJ Thirty No. 313 - Jerry Butler   KHJ Thirty No. 313 - June 30, 1971


steve elders said...

Just as "Riders on the Storm" hits the chart, Jim Morrison dies this week.

I'm not sure why, but whenever I think of summer 1971, "Sooner Or Later" is one of the songs that comes to mind.

Ray Randolph said...

I always thought the Grass Roots were the last of the great 60s-era pop bands. "Sooner or Later" ranks right up there with their best.

nickellman said...

I did a "personal" chart some years ago, and "Sooner Or Later" achieved a number one ranking. Also #1 were Streisand's "Where You Lead" and B. J. Thomas' "Mighty Clouds Of Joy", which KHJ may never (or seldom) have played.

steve elders said...

"Where You Lead" and "Mighty Clouds of Joy" did indeed chart on KHJ in 1971, although they peaked at only 18 and 19, respectively. But I liked both enough at the time to buy the singles.

Tell us more about your personal chart. Was it your own weekly ranking of then-current hits?