KHJ Thirty - July 14, 1971

Issue #315 - Pete McNeal sports a new look and John Denver makes his KHJ debut with “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

KHJ Thirty No. 315 - Pete McNeal   KHJ Thirty No. 315 - July 14, 1971


Anonymous said...

What a goofy record "Double Barrel" was. "I ... am the magnificent!" We loved it in our neighborhood. Still brings a smile.

KHJ played the 45 version of "Beginnings," which I've always thought was one of the most seamless editing jobs ever. "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship is another one where I'm always impressed with how smooth the 45 sounds with so many edits.

Michael Hagerty said...

Well, Pete McNeal certainly went Hollywood hip quick, didn't he? Compare this pic to the one six or so weeks back!

Pete came to KHJ from KYA, San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Boy, no kidding about McNeal. A few weeks earlier he's a nerdy-looking guy with glasses. Now he's ditched the specs and grown a beard. Ah, the L.A. influence.

Unknown said...

My late Dad worked with Pete McNeal at the Big 13 KYNO in Fresno in the mid 60's.