KHJ Thirty - February 29, 1972

Issue #348 - After being stuck at No. 2 for three weeks, Nilsson’s “Without You” makes a final surge to No. 1 in its ninth week.

KHJ Thirty No. 348 - Walt Love   KHJ Thirty No. 348 - February 29, 1972


Bruce said...

"Love me, Love me, Love" was a song I remember very well, by Frank Mills (Music Box Dancer) Something reminded me of this "song about an organ grinder with his monkey, and the organ grinder died one cold winter day" about 8 years ago, and I searched music lists, lyrics sites, found music discussion boards, posted there, asked friends who knew alot about the oldies, googled till my fingers were raw, nobody else had heard of it. Then I heard it about two years ago on the June 29 CKLW 24 hour logger aircheck. Finally! I'm surprised I stayed sane.

Ray, probably just a few more to go till the "pink/orange" style kicks in, right? I have a scan of #353 and it is that style, so the end is near. Thanks so much for doing this, I have a pretty good idea how much work was involved, and I bet you are relieved that you can finally take a breather, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey, someone else who remembers "Love Me, Love Me, Love." Quite a fluke way you were able to hear it again, but that's great.

"Don't Say You Don't Remember" is a favorite of mine from this period. Sounds very much in the '50s style.

I've been hoping Ray will eventually change his mind and post more Thirtys at least through 1976, since that's when I graduated from high school and was still listening to KHJ (although no longer exclusively). But I completely understand his reasons for stopping at the end of this format. Besides, I'm just being selfish. I do have printouts of all of those charts that I got years ago from another website, but they are retyped versions, not the originals as we are seeing here.

But again, we die-hards are grateful Ray has posted all of this great original material from this classic station.

Michael Hagerty said...

If you have them, I'd vote in favor of going all the way to the bitter end in 1980. It would give the only complete picture online of the changes KHJ went through, start to finish.
Although the regional hits more or less vanish after about '73, the pictures and info about jocks and promotions is so much fun.

Ray Randolph said...

Yes, we're almost at the end. One more month (four surveys) to go. I can appreciate why folks would want it to continue, but even now it's getting a little too far away from the "Boss Radio" era for me.

What I'll probably do at some point is post one survey of each jock that made the cover of the survey between 1972 and 1980 (excluding the ones that have already appeared). And that'll be about it.

Michael Hagerty said...

I can understand. KHJ lost me a few times over the years.

First, in 1969, when Jacobs, Morgan and Steele walked out and the station started sounding way too MOR-ish (bad timing since I'd recently discovered KRLA, KFI, KABC-FM, KMET, KHJ-FM and KBCA, so I had places to spend my time). Jim O'Brien righted the ship by late '69 and Ted Atkins had it sounding awesome in '70 and '71.

By late '72, it had become awfully formula-driven...the jocks by then were saying "KHJ" first everytime they opened the mic...go back and listen to 60s KHJ for an example of how the calls don't have to come first...and when Tuna, Riddle, Jay Stevens and Jimmy Rabbitt landed at KROQ, I was cheering them on.

From '73 until early '75, when Charlie Van Dyke became PD at KHJ, I was a serious KKDJ listener. It just sounded better to me. Van Dyke, of course (with Mark Elliott, Bobby Ocean, Dr. John Leader and fantastic production values), eventually blew them away.

Once Charlie left, though, it was tough. Michael Spears, in his t6 months as PD, never got KHJ to sound as good as he made KFRC sound...and although we're friends, I wasn't a fan of John Sebastian's approach for KHJ.

Chuck Martin's last stand (1979-1980) was very good, but by that time, there were just too many other stations competing for my attention.

You're right, Ray..."Boss" ended when Drake left...the flashes of brilliance after that were exceptions.

Anonymous said...

I have an old promotional copy of "Love me, Love me, Love". I was spinning the hits in Portland Or. during this time period. This was a very popular song in the Nortwest. Frank Mills hailed from Canada and had a dozen or more songs hit the Canadian charts.

GZapoleon said...

Ray, first of all, I can't tell you how many times a week I come to the site to post a survey or just bathe in the incredible memories you provide here! A FOREVER THANK YOU FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE WORK!

I was coming today to post a survey featuring Beverly Bremers hit Don't Say You Don't Remember and saw the note from Anonymous and Mike Haggerty. I do agree with them and would love to see the 93/KHJ Survey list go all the way to the end in 1980. Let me know if I can help?