KHJ Thirty - December 28, 1971

Issue #339 - Pete McNeal makes his final appearance on the cover of the survey and “Hitbounds” become a thing of the past. Somebody decided that “New Music” is where it’s at.

KHJ Thirty No. 339 - Pete McNeal   KHJ Thirty No. 339 - December 28, 1971


Anonymous said...

And note only one title in the New Music list.

It was rare at this time for one artist to have more than one single on the Thirty, but Three Dog Night pulls it off. "Well, I headed for Las Vegas ... only made it out to Needles."

Anonymous said...

Also note the promo for "the sounds of 1971," but apparently KHJ did not do a Big 93 for this year (just as it didn't do one for 1969).

Michael Hagerty said...

Poor Pete McNeal...promoted to middays after six months in nights...gets his face and new timeslot on the cover of the Boss 30...and doesn't know that in a month, he'll be gone entirely, caught in a shuffle involving the only three men to ever do mornings in the first thirteen years of KHJ...Tuna, Morgan and Van Dyke.

I can't find a single thing online about where Pete went after he left KHJ January 21. Anybody know?

Anonymous said...

Darn, I was waiting for the
"Big 93" list of 1971 and it wasn't posted! Big oops!

Unknown said...

Check the survey flip too. Nilsson's song is erroneously listed as "Without HER"