KHJ Boss 30 - March 10, 1971

Issue #297 - Perseverance pays off for the Temptations as “Just My Imagination,” their 16th single to chart on the Boss 30, is their first to reach No. 1.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 297 - Charlie Tuna   KHJ Boss 30 No. 297 - March 10, 1971


Anonymous said...

"Power to the People" is a Hitbound that won't make the Boss 30, a surprise given that it's by an ex-Beatles. Too political, I assume. KHJ never played "Give Peace a Chance" in 1969. If "Power" had made it, the Boss 30might have had entries from all four ex-Beatles at once, since Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy" will debut in late April.