KHJ Thirty - March 20, 1973

Issue #403 - Cat Simon makes his final appearance on the survey. Under his real name, Bill Todd, he returned to the Los Angeles airwaves in 1979-80 on KMET. He passed away in 2007 after a battle with ALS.

KHJ Thirty No. 403 - Cat Simon   KHJ Thirty No. 403 - March 20, 1973


Michael Hagerty said...

A very good jock. I wish I'd met him during the nearly 20 years we both lived in Phoenix.

steve elders said...

Cat Simon. A name I'd forgotten about until now.

I love Bette Midler's cover of "Do You Want to Dance." Totally rethinks the song as a sexy ballad.

Ray Randolph said...

You can really see some of the songs start to drag on compared to just a few short years ago. Carly Simon in her sixteenth week, Elton John and Hurricane Smith in their fourteenth week.

Michael Hagerty said...

It would only get worse...I think Morris Albert's "Feelings" stayed on KHJ for more than 20 weeks (24 maybe?).

Mike McCann said...

Bill was later a respected programmer with ABC's WDAI Chicago. And early in his career, he like yours truly, paid our dues at the legendary WMID Atlantic City.

A very, very good man I corresponded with on several occasions after he'd left the biz.

Anonymous said...

A very very good jock, like the Rabbitt. Some of the PD's just didn't leave anything alone. Cat
was a star with very hip content.
The problem was the move of Top 40 to so much ballads and pop stuff in 1973. A dreadful year compared to 1972.