KHJ Thirty - September 25, 1973

Issue #430 - This is the final time we’ll see Bobby Rich on the cover of the survey. He appeared on one more survey prior to departing in early 1974.

Information about his current doings in the radio industry can be found on his Bobby’s Rich Radio website.

KHJ Thirty No. 430 - Bobby Rich   KHJ Thirty No. 430 - September 25, 1973


Michael Hagerty said...

Bobby left KHJ in March of '74. Next stop: KFMB-AM, San Diego, where he became Program Director and did 6-9PM. It was hands down the best Adult Contemporary station ever under his watch.

In March 1975, he convinced GM Paul Palmer to let him take automated beautiful music KFMB-FM and turn it into a live Top 40 station (the only FM Top 40 in the market, KSEA, had dumped the format the previous December).

Bobby hired Charlie Van Dyke to do IDs and sweepers at KFMB-AM...and during one phone conversation was telling Charlie how he was having trouble figuring out how to have the jocks to the legal ID on what would become B-100. Charlie suggested and Bobby implemented the catchy "K-F-M....B-F-M, San Diego!"

Anonymous said...

It's pretty common by now to see just one title listed under New Music, and only one or two new records debut on the Thirty.

"Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" is the Looking Glass record everyone forgets about, but it's a good one.

"All I Know" is written by Jim Webb, who'd been absent from the pop charts for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Wrong to Mike Hagerty. KFMB had employed Charlie Van Dyke in 1972 and was the best Pop/Adult station 2 years before Bobby Rich entered the station. I like Bobby but he didn't set up the format or hire most of the talent my friends Paul Palmer and Jack Woods did when they took over the station in late 1971 early 1972. Rich's big success was B-100 not KFMB which was already a winner.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that Charlie Van Dyke was KFMB's signature voice soon after he left KGB for KHJ in 1972.
The format was uniqe: highly personality oriented, great news department, and a mix of pop/adult currents and classic oldies (similiar actually to Drakes mix on Million S weekends) It worked!