KHJ Hall of Fame Souvenir Booklet

This is the front cover of KHJ’s 1970 “Hall of Fame” souvenir booklet. The booklet contains the “charter members” of the HOF as broadcast over the Labor Day weekend.

The entire booklet can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

KHJ 1970 Hall of Fame Booklet (Front Cover)


Anonymous said...

Funny -- I have no memory of this Hall of Fame programming, which surprises me, since I was avidly listening to KHJ at this time.

Michael Hagerty said...

I do remember a Bill Drake voiced intro to certain oldies on both KHJ and KFRC in late 1970/early 1971:

(tympani roll)"From the KHJ (or KFRC) Hall of Fame..."

BossRadio said...

Michael Hagerty all the original 6 RKO and KGB, KAKC and KYNO had the Bill Drake voice over intro ..."(tympani roll) from the KY-NO Hall of Fame..."