KHJ Boss 30 - November 18, 1970

Issue #281 - Pete McNeal makes his first appearance on the cover of the Boss 30.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 281 - Pete McNeal  KHJ Boss 30 No. 281 - November 18, 1970


Anonymous said...

Call this the Phil Spector debuts. Of the four new records on the Boss 30, three have a Spector connection. "Be My Baby" and "River Deep Mountain High" are remakes of two of Spector's 1960s classics, and he produced the George Harrison songs.

When I first heard "My Sweet Lord" on KHJ, I was SO sure it was a Beatles reunion. The "hallelujas" sounded so much like Lennon and McCartney to me -- I assume I was listening with my heart, not my head. Of course, I later learned that all of those voices were George himself overdubbed.