Marv Howard: KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for KHJ Newsman Marv Howard from a 20/20 News Sales Folder. The text reads:

Marv Howard attended Los Angeles City College and UCLA. In the Air Force Intelligence Service, he translated Russian and worked in crypto-analysis.

In 1955 Marv joined the news staff of a top radio station in the San Joaquin Valley. There he developed a style and reputation that brought him to Los Angeles. Soon he was broadcasting the news direct from the city room of the Los Angeles Herald-Express. Marv spent the next six years covering the news beats of Los Angeles and working for City News Service.

Marv has been with KHJ Radio News since 1963. He belongs to that experienced breed of news professional who not only broadcast the news, but go after it as well. He combines a fine speaking voice with newscasting know-how that keeps greater Los Angeles listening and well-informed.

Marv Howard ... another member of the professional news team that keeps KHJ Radio first in Los Angeles with 20/20 News.
Marv Howard KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet


Ray Randolph said...

Marv Howard passed away after suffering a stroke in 2004 at age 72.