KHJ Boss 30 - October 29, 1969

Issue #226 - The first of the third-generation surveys, this is the only one to have a white border. You also couldn’t tell what was the front, back, up, or down. That was changed on No. 227 and up. The phrase “Boss Radio” no longer appears on the surveys although the rest of the “Boss” jargon would still be utilized for another year-and-a-half or so.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 226 - Charlie Tuna   KHJ Boss 30 No. 226 - October 29, 1969


Anonymous said...

I remember initially not liking these longer Boss 30s, but they eventually won me over.

And so "Undun" becomes an even bigger hit than its flip side, "Laughing" a few months earlier.

Ray Randolph said...

Although I preferred the earlier designs, the long surveys looked just as professional and I did like the featured artist picture in each issue.

This issue was also the last to contain the record label info. And that was for the better. There was too much information to try and fit in a narrow space.

Ronnie said...

That look on The Tuna is classic!

Robert said...

I recently bought a copy of this survey and man, they did not know what to do with this new survey design. Seems like they were rushed to get the survey printed out with this new design and many mistakes were made to get the order correct. It's so unique that it could be my current favorite from the third design.