J. Paul Huddleston: KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for KHJ Newsman J. Paul Huddleston from a 20/20 News Sales Folder. The text reads:

J. Paul Huddleston started part-time announcing at an Arkansas radio station as a high school senior. This was the beginning of what turned out to be a life-long career in broadcast journalism. After attending a local college, J. Paul worked as an announcer for a year in Arkansas radio. Moving to Southern California, he started work on his masters degree at the University of Southern California, at the same time studying writing at the California Institute of Radio and Television.

After graduation, J. Paul worked five years as news director for two Texas radio stations. He also broadcast play-by-play of Southwest Conference football games on a statewide network. Subsequently, his career took him to Oregon where he worked as a combination radio and newspaper reporter.

J. Paul has been news director for two San Diego radio stations. In 1959 he received the San Diego Newsman of the Year Award. In 1960, he was named national news director for a well-known chain of California stations. During this period, he also served as the only television news announcer in the San Bernardino-Riverside area. In 1962, he received the Associated Press Award of Excellence, and that same year he became news editor and analyst for the popular Joe Pyne Show.

In 1965, J. Paul joined KHJ Radio’s expanding news department. Behind the microphone, he delivers the news with a clear, authoritative style. J. Paul Huddleston, whose provocative, hard-hitting newscasts help keep KHJ Radio first in Los Angeles with 20/20 News.
J. Paul Huddleston KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet


Ray Randolph said...

J. Paul Huddleston passed away from liver disease in 1993 at age 62.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was my grandpa. I never got to meet him. I was born in 94. We have lots of pics of him though

Brian Konrad said...

I first met J. Paul as a Broadcast Journalism student at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in 1975. Later he hired me when he was news director at CKXL radio in Calgary Alberta Canada in 1976. I still use his top direction every day. Paul said “ don’t read me the news- tell me the news”. We were roommates for a brief time in Calgary when he crashed on my couch before he moved on and I lost track of him. Still think of him often and would love his thoughts on news broadcasting today. Rest In Peace my friend
Brian Konrad Alberta Canada

Unknown said...

Anonymous above, that's my great grandfather! He was the greatest! I didn't get much time with him (born in 84) but what I got was something special!

Unknown said...

J. Paul was a wonderful man and a radio news genius. Today we could many more J. Paul’s. We first met in the 70s when he was hired as a consultant to one of the biggest stations in Canada 630 CHED in Edmonton. He had a huge impact on my broadcasting career and I have him to thank for my “Lifetime achievement award from the R.T.N.D.A.” I have been retired for a decade now but I still think of Paul often. Thank you. We had some fun. Hal Gardiner.

Anna said...

J Paul saved my life. I am here today with a wonderful life, finishing an amazing career and raised a fabulous young man because he cared. I miss him and loved him very much. He is on my mind a lot these days and I hope he'd be proud of me. Signing off, with love,

Teri Malone said...

This was my grandpa and he was the greatest! He and my grandma lived on the beach in Santa Monica and all 7 of us (grandkids) spent lots of time there. He use to record us on an old cassette tape recorder. The newsman in him would come out and he would ask us all kinds of questions recording what we said. I got to hear a cassette of these recordings when I was older with kids of my own and share a little bit of my amazing grandfather. I took my kids to San Antonio to meet him in the early 90’s and was grateful to spend time with him before he passed away. I think of him often and was blessed to have such a wonderful grandfather.