What the ... ???

This survey somehow made it into circulation. It’s basically a hybrid of Issues No. 193 and the real No. 194.

KHJ Error Survey No. 194 - Humble Harve
KHJ Error Survey No. 194


Bruce said...

So it appears that it accidently included the Hitbounds from issue 193, right? Is there more difference, besides the different color?

That's pretty neat and unique, for a mistake anyways. I wonder how many went out that way.

Ray Randolph said...

It's like they took Issue No. 193, changed the issue number and picture (but not the caption) and started printing. The caption under Humble Harve's picture is for Sam Riddle, the survey date is for Issue No. 193 as are the list of songs and Hitbounds. It's definitely an oddball.