KHJ Boss 30 - February 5, 1969

Issue #188 - KHJ’s 48-hour “The History of Rock & Roll” begins on February 21, 1969.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 188 - Bill Wade
KHJ Boss 30 No. 188 - February 5, 1969


Anonymous said...

I wonder if any radio station would play "Indian Giver" today.

I remember hearing several hours of "The History of Rock and Roll" that weekend. I even taped the segments on the Beatles. I remember it included Phil Spector doing a running commentary on "Strawberry Fields Forever" and Steve Allen reciting "Eleanor Rigby" as a poem. And whole show finished with "A Day in the Life."

Ray Randolph said...

It would be a shame if oldies stations didn't play "Indian Giver" at least occasionally. I thought it was a great song and loved the "tom-tom" sound.

Anonymous said...

"Indian Giver" was VERY popular in my schoolyard in fifth grade. Here was a phrase we all used being put to music! Now I'm afraid it's politically incorrect, hence my wondering if the song could even air today. And yet it WAS a No. 1 on KHJ.

Al Navarro said...

Happy 59th anniversary MENDOCINO!!!