Robert W. Morgan with The Monkees

Below are the front and rear covers of a four-page promotional booklet that contains pictures from Boss Jock Robert W. Morgan’s road trip with the Monkees.

Robert W. Morgan With The Monkees Booklet (Front)
Robert W. Morgan With The Monkees Booklet (Rear)


CLH said...

That's me on the left next to Davy. My friend and I had spent time around the band over a 2-year period. We were very young. Davy, in particular, looked out for us and was incredibly kind and considerate.
All the guys were pretty sweet to us, but Davy took us under his wing many times. Especially when we were being 'circled' by some of the older guys, who weren't terribly concerned for our welfare, or cared that we were quite young and - yes, innocent.
As a side note, keep in mind that jack Nicholson was AD on set!

CLH said...

That being said, the last time I saw Davy was at Gibson Amphitheater (Universal, at that time) at a Monkees concert. I brought my 2 sons, who were 4 & 5. We were down front, I was holding my youngest and Davy saw us, came down and sang to him. He gave me a look and there was a flash of recognition. He laughed - there I was, all grown up with my own kids.
I have nothing but fond memories of my time around The Monkees - Especially Davy. That he has passed is surreal, unthinkable and heartbreaking. RIP, you lovely Englishman. You will always have a place in my heart.