KHJ Boss 30 - April 26, 1967

Issue #95 - The “Birthday Firebird” promotion begins as KHJ prepares to celebrate its second anniversary as Boss Radio.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 95 - Birthday Firebird
KHJ Boss 30 No. 95 - April 26, 1967


Robert said...

I own the Survey of Hits for this week. A song called "Yes, We Have No Bananas by the United Fruit Co. makes on appearance as a hitbound, but I can't find it anywhere else as on a survey or other hitbound. It's missing from the Hitbounds That Didn't Make KHJ's Boss 30 list too. The label is York.

Ray Randolph said...

Thanks for the info. I need to add that song to the Hitbounds That DIdn't Make KHJ's Boss 30 list. The song didn't chart on KHJ or the Billboard Hot 100. It also didn't make Billboard's Bubbling Under list. Unfortunately Earthlink is going to stop hosting the page with the Hitbounds list and I can no longer make any changes to it. In the near future all of the song lists that are currently on Earthlink will be moved to different host.

Robert said...

Good to know the page will be moved to a different hosting site and happy to help contribute to the site in some way. This is one of my favorite sites that I found in the last year so I'm always checking in to look at the surveys.