Boss Radio Format Clocks

These are two format clocks from a format change at KHJ in late September 1967. The one on top is a preliminary clock and the Roman numeral indicates the third hour of a three-hour air shift. The clock was modified slightly for the final product. For example, the ID “D” and ID “E” at the top and bottom of the hour were to have been Bill Drake-voiced IDs that were shelved and replaced with ID “A” and ID “B” (also Bill Drake-voiced IDs) as can be seen in the third hour of the clock on the bottom.

KHJ Format Clock - One Hour

The clock shown below is a three-hour clock representing a typical three-hour air shift. This was used for all shifts except Robert W. Morgan’s, who had a separate set of clocks because the news was broadcast once-an-hour on his show versus once-a-shift on the others. The late all-nite shift (3 - 6AM) also had a separate set of clocks for the first two hours.
KHJ Format Clock - Three Hour