Boss Jock Frank Terry Portrait

This is a portrait of Frank Terry from the “Boss Jocks” promotional package.

KHJ Boss Jock Frank Terry Portrait


Anonymous said...

These scrapbooks are great! I've always wanted to know what the weekend shifts were for the boss jocks back during the Spring of 1967. Do you have one of Bobby Tripp? My guess was he was on from 7pm-Midnight on Sunday in addition to Noon-3pm weekdays.

I started listening to KHJ in the Spring of 1967 when I was 9 years old. I was hooked from then on.

Thanks for all the memorabilia,

Ray Randolph said...

Dave, you were correct in your hunch about Bobby Tripp. I'll post his portrait in the future but below is the weekend information from all of the portraits:

Gary Mack: Midnight - 6AM
Robert W. Morgan: 6AM - 10AM
Sam Riddle: 10AM - 2PM
The Real Don Steele: 2PM - 7PM
Humble Harve: 7PM - Midnight

Gary Mack: Midnight - 6AM
Frank Terry: 9AM - Noon
Johnny Williams: Noon - 7PM
Bobby Tripp: 7PM - Midnight

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch, Ray! Johnny Williams had to work a 7 hour shift on Sunday. That's the longest weekend shift I've ever seen a boss jock pull (even longer than his usual Midnight-6am shifts)!

The first weekend shift I remember was during the Summer of 1967. The Saturday lineup was the same as in your post (except Johnny Williams was Midnight-6am), but on Sunday:

Frank Terry 9am - 3pm
Bobby Tripp 3pm - 8pm
Tom Maule 8pm - 2am (I think)

Some of the later weekend shifts were mentioned in Ron Jacobs' great publication "KHJ - Inside Boss Radio".