Bill Brown: KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for KHJ Newsman Bill Brown from a 20/20 News Sales Folder. The text reads:

Bill Brown, at 27, has ten years of broadcasting experience in all phases of radio. He began as an announcer-disc jockey in his hometown of Paris, Illinois. While completing his education in the Midwest, Bill worked at numerous radio stations, gaining valuable experience in news writing and on-the-spot reporting. To enhance his professional skill, Bill enrolled in a Chicago broadcasting school. After graduation, he came to California and entered Los Angeles radio as a writer-newsman. His duties included announcing and field-reporting.

Bill specializes in the unforessen event, the unscheduled occurrence that can’t possibly happen ... but does! And while others are still piecing together the facts, KHJ listeners are hearing the complete story, reported by Bill Brown, first!

Bill Brown, another member of the team of news professionals who keep KHJ Radio first in Los Angeles with 20/20 News.
Bill Brown KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet


Ray Randolph said...

Bill Brown passed away from Alzheimer's disease on March 25, 2016 at age 76.

Tony said...

Bill was my boss at my last radio gig, Paris, IL. Loved getting him started (distracted from what I had done?) by getting him to tell some L.A. stories. Sad to hear he's passed on.