KHJ Boss 30 - June 29, 1966

Issue #52 - Frank Sinatra tops the survey at age 50 with “Strangers in the Night.” He was the oldest solo artist to hit No. 1 in the Boss Radio era.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 52 - Frank Terry with Big Kahuna
KHJ Boss 30 No. 52 - June 29, 1966


KG Dave said...

This week, “Summer In The City” makes its debut on the Boss 30. Somehow I managed to confuse the sound effects in the first bridge of “Summer In The City” with the sound of the Kahuna Cockatoo. Fortunately, I didn’t call the station. Then one day one of the Boss Jocks played the real Kahuna Cockatoo sound at that exact part of “Summer In The City” – it was only then that I realized how different those sound effects were!