J. Paul Huddleston: KHJ 20/20 News

Newsman J. Paul Huddleston in the KHJ newsroom.

KHJ Newsman J. Paul Huddleston


Bob Hudson said...

Doing midday news at KHJ in 79 & 80 was a real high point in my radio career - you could just feel the radio history in those old Melrose studios.

Bob Hudson
Oceanside CA

Ted said...

This is a blatant rip-off of the 20/20 news format perfected at the Big 8, CKLW.

Anonymous said...

The words "J Paul Huddleston KHJ 20/20 News" are still clear as a bell in my memory. I listened to KHJ in 1968 while in the US Navy stationed in Long Beach.
My name is Gary Hinson/Riverview01@msn.com

Anonymous said...

The prototype R&R radio newsman - the guy we all wanted to be. R.I.P. J. Paul. Radio news has never been the same.

Bill (William R.) Hatch
Idaho, USA

LKeller said...

Uh...no Ted (from 2011). KHJ was the flagship station for the Bill Drake Boss Radio format, and started in 1965 with 20/20 News and J.Paul Huddleston. CKLW did not pick up the Drake format in 1967. I realize that CK's version of 20/20 was even more outlandish than KHJ with a much heavier " if it bleeds, it leads" style. But KHJ and J.Paul were doing pompous a couple years before CK, and J.Paul was doing his style of news years before 65 on KFXM (Inland Empire) and KFWB (LA)