KHJ Boss 30 - December 22, 1965

Issue #25 - The Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann” appears as a Hit Bound this week. It never did make the Boss 30 and has the distinction of being the highest charting single on Billboard (No. 2) to not chart on the KHJ survey.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 25 - Johnny Mitchell
KHJ Boss 30 No. 25 - December 22, 1965


Anonymous said...

What was the story on "Barbara Ann" not making the Boss 30 anyway? I thought I once read that there was some dispute between KHJ and Capitol Records (perhaps over whether the station would get to "world premiere" the single) and that the station just dropped the song. But I could be way off here. But for a song by THE Southern California band, a song that was huge nationally, it's just strange.

ZakMars said...

"Hole in the Wall" by the Packers...great memories...another of those instrumentals that got pounded on L.A. radio back in the day.