KHJ Boss 30 - August 4, 1965

Issue #5 - Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield looking sharp on the cover of the Boss 30.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 5 - The Righteous Brothers
KHJ Boss 30 No. 5 - August 4, 1965


Glen Martin said...

Terrific Blog Ray! Found it through a link from pals in the community.

Looking at the survey, all the memories of a carefree high school summer at Santa Monica beach come rolling back in. All the beach radios seemed to be tuned to 93/KHJ.

Love that Bobby Fuller Four hit at 25 on the chart - a west coast turntable hit for sure, but every bit as good or better than "I Fought the Law". Just picked up a stereo copy of "Let Her Dance" this month and it ROCKS!

Greg Golden said...

Love the Bob Dylan single at #1. This single was, if I remember correctly, almost 6 minutes long. It must have taken some real courage for KHJ management to allow so MUCH time to one song. But, what a great record it was.

Steve E. said...

I think KHJ played just the first two verses of the song and then faded it out. At least that's how I remember it a few years later when it was played as a Golden. Ray, do you remember firsthand from 1965?

Ray Randolph said...

I didn't start listening to KHJ until early 1966. Even then, I wouldn't remember what version was played as my memory for those kind of details isn't very good. I see the promo single for "Like A Rolling Stone" had the song split into two parts. Hopefully someone with better recall can chime in as to which version was played.